Are You a Service Plan Member?

Are you a Service Plan Member?

Everywhere you go, you are offered a membership. Grocery stores, restaurants, sporting events, and gyms all have memberships that offer benefits, usually in the form of discounts, upgrades, comforts, or access to a facility.

Memberships provide perks.

At Sanders Plumbing, we offer our exclusive Sanders Preferred Service Plan Membership that provides members with discounted products, services, priority scheduling, and other perks not available to standard customers.

Sanders Preferred Service Plan Members also receive an annual inspection of your entire home plumbing system for FREE! This allows us to detect, evaluate, prevent, and find solutions for problems before they even occur.

Annual inspections also ensure that your water heater, pipes, and fixtures are in proper working condition.

Call Sanders Plumbing today at 922-9175 to learn more about our Sanders Preferred Service Plan!