I Smell Sewer Gas! What Do I Do?

The smell of sewer gas in or around your home can signal a big problem, but before you freak out, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to help pinpoint the source.

  1. Run a small amount of water through all drains, especially fixtures that are not used frequently. Each fixture has a trap that holds water to keep gas out and sometimes that water can evaporate.
  2. Check your toilets and make sure they are solid mounted to the floor and not movable. If they can lift up or turn, you may want to reset them with new wax rings. Properly functioning wax rings prevent sewer smell from seeping in.
  3. Look under your home for any broken pipes, leaks, or large cracks in your foundation.
  4. Pay particular attention while using large volumes of water, and listen for any bubbling or gurgling coming from drains. This could indicate that your sewer main is starting to clog.

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– Anne Caine Allen