PEX?!? Was your home built before 1970?

Was your home built before 1970? If so, your water lines may be galvanized.
Not only are galvanized water lines outdated, they are also problematic when they start to rust. Galvanized pipes are notorious for rusting from the inside out, causing multiple issues including reduced water flow and clogged fixtures.
A solution for having a home with galvanized piping is to have the original pipes replaced with PEX. PEX pipe is fully-functioning for at least 50 years, can be maneuvered around corners, and has fewer joints/elbows connecting the pieces together, which reduces the risk of leaks.
PEX piping is more durable than galvanized piping because of its flexibility.
When freezing temperatures arise, your galvanized pipes could potentially freeze and crack, meaning repairs or replacement will be necessary. PEX has a significantly lower chance of freezing and busting during cold weather.
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