Straight from the Boss' Desk

Good and Cheap, Part 1

Hello Friends, This is my second letter in a series I am writing in order to inform you about different plumbing-related subjects and to give you a chance to ask me questions.


For today’s subject, I will address our (and other companies’) biggest complaint received: what we charge. I have always heard sayings like “Good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good” and “You can have good or you can have cheap, but you can’t have both.” Let’s take a look at these two key words for a moment: GOOD and CHEAP.

             GOOD. This word, when pertaining to service work done on your most valued investment, goes much deeper than putting in pipes that will not leak. The first factor that should be considered about “good” is licensing.

             According to the State of Tennessee Board of Licensing Contractors, a person must have a minimum of a State of Tennessee Limited Liability Plumbers License (LLP) in order to legally conduct plumbing work for profit. That includes local handyman workers and anyone who posts that they can “do plummin’” on Facebook. If a person or company does not have one of these licenses, they are illegally in operation.

             Not only does this LLP license verify that they have a certain amount of experience in the trade, but it shows their knowledge of the work and laws because they have to pass a test to get this minimum license. Just having that LLP license does not mean they have the legal right to work in municipalities such as Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Farragut, Chattanooga, and Nashville for example. There are much more extensive and specific licenses for these places. The LLP plumbers license will not even allow a plumber to get a permit.


             So here is the real fun to all this licensing business. Your Good and Cheap “plumber” can not get proper trade insurance without proper licensing. What does this mean for you?

If your “plumber” floods your house, burns it down, or causes any other damages including the health of you and your family, he can not and will not have the proper insurance to cover it. What most people do not realize is that if damage happens and the “plumber” is not insured, your homeowners insurance will not cover it either. This is a result of hiring an unlicensed, uninsured “plumber” to work on your home.

But wait, it does not end there! Have you heard of Workmans Comp Insurance? Without proper licensing it is difficult, and often impossible, to get Workmans Comp as a trade worker. What does that mean for you?

If your Good and Cheap “plumber” gets hurt working at your house, YOU are liable for his injuries whether short term or long term. If your homeowners insurance company finds out you hired an unlicensed, uninsured “plumber” who is operating illegally, they will most likely refuse to pay your claim.


As far as CHEAP, I will address that in my next letter. Sanders Plumbing Company is FULLY licensed and can produce proof when requested. We are fully insured with a 3-million dollar business liability insurance policy plus full Workmans Comp insurance. You, the customer, are completely protected against any damages that could happen to you or your home while we are on the job.

Until next time: be safe, be blessed, and be smart. For tips and more, follow us on Facebook!