“We Unclog Any Drain For $99” – WHAT???



How many times have you seen the commercials on TV with someone shouting “We Unclog Anything for $99?” Every two minutes while you’re having your morning coffee, or while trying to eat dinner?

The truth is, we can not do it for that price and neither can anyone else! It costs a lot of money to operate a fully-licensed, bonded, insured, legitimate business. If you read the fine print, you will see that generally there is a coupon you have to get from the website. There is usually a service fee applied, and there is a very specific set of qualifications that your job must meet.

Everything has an extra charge and you will not get away with simply writing a $99.00 check. This is all designed to get into your home with hopes that you will let them do the work since they are already there.

At Sanders Plumbing Company, we do not believe in that type of practice. When we come to your home, we give you a written, straight-forward price of exactly what it will cost to solve your problem. No extras, no add-ons, no surprises. We believe that honesty is the only way to do business at Sanders Plumbing Company.

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Hope You have a Wonderful Safe Summer!
Pete & Vickie Sanders


“I had old steel galvanized pipe for draining that had been in the house since 1960 (original plumbing). The pipes eventually started to build up hardened sediment, blocking the water from draining, and backing up my washing machine and leaving standing water in the kitchen sink. I called Sanders plumbing to come take a look, they presented a quote which I accepted and came out the next week to replace the old steel pipe with PVC. My kitchen sink now creates a swirling vortex as it literally pulls the water down the drain and my washing machine can be run without interruption. The price I received at the front of the deal was what I paid at the end and the gentlemen who performed the work were honest, clean, and respectful of my home.”– Mark Sharpe