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Questions to Ask Your Potential Plumber

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The first step to keeping yourself from hiring a fraudulent plumber is to ask questions. Any specific information you can get is a step in the right direction, but always…

How to Recognize And Avoid a Bad Plumber

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Plumbing problems are bad enough, but accidentally hiring an unreliable or dishonest plumber or contractor just adds insult to injury! If the plumber you are considering tries any of the…

Do you know about our Diamond Club?

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Sanders Plumbing offers access to our exclusive Sanders Preferred Service Plan. The Sanders Preferred Service Plan is a private membership service that is available to safeguard your home and family…

Hello Folks, Have you heard? WE UNCLOG ANYTHING FOR $99.00 WHAT????

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How many times have you seen the commercials on TV? Every two minutes while your having your morning coffee, or trying to eat dinner? The truth is, we at Sanders…


Now is the Time! Upgrade Your Water Heater Before the Prices Rise!

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Hello folks, Our friends at the EPA have been at it again. Starting in April, they will be imposing strict new efficiency guidelines on water heaters. This will drastically increase…

Gas Plumbing – Installation

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Hello folks, I was watching the news this weekend and saw a story about yet another house mysteriously exploding over the weekend. Folks, I understand and can appreciate the idea…


Spring is just around the corner.

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Spring is just around the corner. Hello friends, guess what? That’s right! Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means- yep, the flowers will be blooming,…


Whats in your drinking water?

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Are you concerned with what’s in your water? We are!!!! Sanders Plumbing Is passionate about the health, safety , and need for clean water. Call Sanders Plumbing 865-922-9175 We have…


A little about us…. and message of Thanks from Sanders Plumbing.

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Sanders Plumbing has been a family owned and operated business by the two of us since 1989. Lori Phelps who is our office manager,  who keeps us both in line…


Not a Jack of all Trades ~ but a Master of One

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Greetings from SANDERS Plumbing Company~ Did you notice… I didn’t say Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Heating, Siding, Guttering,Storm windows, Paper hanging, Carpet cleaning, Painting, and general Handyman service how can…


Have you heard? We have BioSmart !!!

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Sanders Plumbing Now offers a “Green” way to keep your drains clean and clear! Did you know that chemical drain cleaners can release toxic fumes, erode bathroom & kitchen fixtures,…


“How much do you charge?”

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How much do you charge by the hour”….this is the most common question asked by customers when they call to schedule an appointment. The simple answer to that is, there…


Meet Pete Sanders ~ James W.Sanders: Master Plumber

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Meet Pete Sanders! He started Sanders Plumbing Company in 1989 and was one of the youngest plumbers to ever receive a Master’s license in Knoxville! He was 23 and already…


We unclog any drain for $99- WHAT???

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WE UNCLOG ANYTHING FOR $99.00!!!!!!!!!! How many times have you seen the commercials on tv? Every two minutes while your having your morning coffee or trying to eat dinner? The…