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Effective Solutions for Sewer Gas Concerns in Knoxville, TN

Address sewer gas concerns with expert solutions at Sanders Plumbing in Knoxville, TN. If you’ve ruled out natural gas or propane leaks and identified the issue as sewer gas, follow our recommended steps for alleviating the smell. Alternatively, trust our professional plumbers to detect and resolve sewer gas leaks efficiently.

DIY Steps for Alleviating Sewer Gas Smells

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If the utility company has cleared your home for natural gas or propane and identified the smell as sewer gas, here are steps you can take:

  1. Run Water Through Drains: Run a small amount of water through all drains, especially those not frequently used. Traps in each fixture hold water to prevent gas entry, and water evaporation can cause odors.
  2. Check Toilets: Ensure toilets are solidly mounted to the floor. If they are movable, resetting them with new wax rings can prevent sewer smells from seeping in.
  3. Inspect Under Your Home: Examine the space beneath your home for broken pipes, leaks, or significant cracks in the foundation that may contribute to sewer gas odors.
  4. Listen for Warning Signs: While using large volumes of water, pay attention for bubbling or gurgling sounds from drains, indicating potential sewer main clogs.

Professional Solutions
for Sewer Gas Leaks

If you prefer professional assistance, Sanders Plumbing offers various methods to detect and solve sewer gas leaks and smells. Our experienced plumbers are equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to address sewer gas concerns efficiently and effectively.

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At Sanders Plumbing, we prioritize your comfort and safety. Whether you choose to address sewer gas concerns independently or opt for professional assistance, our team is ready to provide reliable solutions. Contact us today for efficient, cost-effective, and expertly crafted sewer gas solutions tailored to your needs.