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Why our customer think we are the best plumber in Knoxville

I would recommend them to anyone who wants quality work, great clean-up, pleasant, friendly staff, and a very reasonable price. They also listen really well. The work done by Sanders Plumbing was excellent! The owner has strict standards for conduct on the job and the workers follow them completely. Sanders Plumbing was referred to me by a friend and I would use them again! It is like having a qualified trained family member doing the job.
– Mark R.

I have used Sanders Plumbing in the past and was very pleased with the service and price. They are honest and on time. I will continue to use this company for all of my plumbing needs in East Tennessee! I highly recommend Sanders Plumbing.
– Ginger M.

I have had the honor of referring Pete and his team to our clientele when we have an overwhelming amount of work. We follow up to ensure customer satisfaction. As a fellow plumbing service contractor in the area and with over 800 plumbing contractors in the area that we could refer, Sanders is the only associate I will refer, as I know the quality of service that will be provided.
– Jamie Foster of My Professional Plumber


I’m glad I called Sanders Plumbing. My husband was out of town working and you all were lifesavers! Your receptionist was great, your work performance was excellent. You guys were neat and clean. I will use you again.
– Mrs. Singleton

Best plumbers in the Knoxville area!! Seriously!! I had been waiting on other plumbers to give me estimates on a new waterline and was getting no where (6 plumbing companies). I called Sanders and they responded promptly and my new line was in the next day!! This after two weeks of trying to get estimates etc. from other companies. Sanders Plumbing kept me from going insane. They will be my first call in the future when I need plumbing services!! Thank you all so much! They treat you right and the price is right!!
Molly H.


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