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  • Meet Holly!

    Holly joined our team back in December of last year. She already had several years of experience in wrangling technicians, so she fit right in. She is sharp and sassy, always jumping in to help and bring new ideas, and we are so thrilled to have her onboard. Holly loves shopping, live music, going to…

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  • Meet Shelly!

    Michelle (aka Shelly, since we can’t handle more than one Michelle in this office 👀) joined our team back in December of last year. She is bright and energetic, a super fast learner, attentive to detail, and we are so thrilled to have her onboard. Shelly loves shopping, bowling, going to aquariums, museums, and live…

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  • We’re Featured in Knoxville Insider!

    We’re Featured in Knoxville Insider!

    Check out this awesome write-up that Knoxville Insider published about us! —————————————-“Sanders Plumbing Company has been a cornerstone of the local plumbing industry for 35 years. Founded by Pete Sanders, a visionary who became one of the youngest plumbers to ever receive a Master’s license in Knoxville, the company has built a reputation on the…

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  • Meet Brad!

    Meet Brad!

    Brad is a Texas native and has been with us since May of 2021. He moved here in 2018 with years of experience as a certified fork lift operator and is no stranger to the skilled trades or hard physical labor. Brad loves hiking, nature photography, and live music, and we have all voted him…

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  • Meet Jason!

    Meet Jason!

    Jason joined our team in January of 2023 but he has been a plumber since 2014. He wasted zero seconds before he started smack talking everyone on the team. Coworkers describe him as both the class clown and the class bully, but all in good fun. Jason has lived and worked in Halls his whole…

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  • Meet Vickie!

    Meet Vickie!

    Vickie is the co-owner of Sanders Plumbing Company. That’s right, we are part women-owned and staffed! She always says that Pete is the head of company, and she is the neck that turns the head 🤣 She has been by Pete’s side since Day One, and they just celebrated 39 years of marriage as well…

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