pressure reducing valve

Does Your Home Have a Pressure-Reducing Valve?

Does your home have a pressure-reducing valve?

Some homes do not rely on a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) for adequate water pressure because the water district the home is part of does not push more than 60 psi of water into the home. Otherwise, most homes have or would benefit from a PRV.

PRVs regulate the water pressure going into and through your home, but they do need to be maintained and replaced if issues occur.

Is your PRV is filled with dirt, rust, or sludge from your pipes?
Notice any banging or hammering coming from the pipes in your walls?
Does your toilet run constantly?
Notice a drop or surge in your home’s water pressure?

It may be time to have your PRV replaced. Call us at 865-922-9175 to schedule an appointment for a plumber to complete the work. DIY people, you can also purchase a brand new one at our parts counter.

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