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Have a Slow-Draining Sink? Want to Fix it Yourself?

Have a slow-draining sink?

A perfect tool to break up minor clogs in your sink or P-trap would be a handheld sink auger, also known as a drum auger. All you need to do is loosen the retaining screw and then insert the auger into the pop-up drain in the center of the sink.

After you insert the cable, you will need to retighten the thumb screw. Push the auger until you hit the clog and turn the handle clockwise while applying a slight amount of pressure. This should loosen any minor clog in your drain pipe or P-trap.

Once the clog has been cleared, loosen the thumb screw once more and remove the auger from the sink, then you can flush the drain. You are now clog free!

If this did not break your clog, it may be further down the line or even a completely different issue. Call Sanders Plumbing at 865-922-9175 if you need us.